Rodney Smith
2017-2018 NCACTE President

"Welcome to the official website of the North Carolina Association for Career and Technical Education.Please explore the website for information regarding the organization, how to join, and important links to resources which will help you be more successful in your career."

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! My name is Rodney Smith and it is an honor to serve as your NCACTE President this year. Prior to starting my career in education, I spent 17 years in industry. My career in industry including 8 years in the finance and insurance fields and 9 years in the construction industry. The bulk of my experience is in management where I held the role of Chief Operating Officer for a building supply company. I have worked in marketing, human resources, credit and training. I began my career in education with Buncombe County Schools as a lateral entry business teacher and currently serve as a Career Development Coordinator. I have had the privilege during my career to work with amazing people who have taught me a lot. These mentors have been instrumental in my career development and I use many of the experiences and lessons I have learned with my students and my colleagues now as I seek to create working relationships that can accomplish great things.

Mentors, advocacy, leadership opportunities, professional development are all advantages of belonging to our professional organization NCACTE - North Carolina Association of Career and Technical Education. Each program area has a division, and each division needs people like you to get involved to help lead and promote the values of CTE and NCACTE. This year, NCACTE has unified with ACTE to provide our members many more benefits and opportunities for CTE educators to serve and enhance their craft. I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to serve on committees and/or serve as a chairperson of a division or state committee. You may decide to run for an office or volunteer to lead the professional development. Whatever the opportunity, take advantage of it so you can grow as a professional.

Whether you are a veteran member, new member, or thinking about joining, the rewards of membership are endless. If you need further information on NCACTE, contact your Division's President and ask them how to get involved, or you can contact me and I will assist you.

The primary objective for 2017-2018 will be to bring NCACTE together as an organization where we all work together to promote CTE. We will focus on the organization's mission statement, "to promote education leadership in developing a competitive workforce in the state of North Carolina". We will have three goals this year focused on strengthening the relationships between 1) NCACTE and ACTE; 2) NCACTE divisions; and 3) NCACTE and NC DPI.

Our theme this year is, "Together As One!" With that in mind, we want to work as a collective unit to make Career and Technical Education and NCACTE the best it can be! I look forward to working with you this year and I wish you the best.

Strategic Plan 2017-2018

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